What is Purpose and Why We Must Re-define Our Life Purpose?

Marco Lee
8 min readJan 16, 2021
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The article is written in attempt to take a close look into the common belief — Life has a purpose. The belief is examined through the lenses of Stoicism, science and religion. The reasons to redefine one’s purpose and benefits, supported by scientific journals and books, are also discussed.


‘Why you doing something or why something exists.’

- Cambridge English Dictionary [1]

Ever since human had developed the ability to reason, this species has never stopped searching for answers. Some deeper questions have been tossed around for thousand years which are remained unanswered or at least, the intellectual duels continue. ‘What is consciousness?’, ‘Capitalism vs Communism’ and ‘Whether human should put pineapple on pizza or is that just for dogs?’ (Recent events have shown that the later is the dominant one[2], if the Italian stumbles upon such pizza, it is probably not only personal but also ‘national’), questions as such act as simulants, allowing human to understand their immediate environment so there is a better chance for them to live.

The education system that every teenager has gone through since they were born, that is any environment in which , in anyway, has attributed lessons toward one’s childhood (Think about one’s family and strangers that are weird). These immediate surroundings have taught the youngers and adults a lot but one thing is rarely mentioned: Purpose.

The common beliefs on this topic are ‘Everyone on earth has a purpose.’ and ‘Everything happens for a reason.’. In reality, these statements are false-positive and worth taking the effort to re-examine. In fact, there is no purpose and no reason for anything to happen in life, at least that is the Stoicism. More importantly, if one’s desire is to pull the sword out of the stone[3] and rule England (Apparently, someone did and this person is about to rule Disneyland[4]), consciously creating one and having a well-defined purpose will be the first step to it.


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